Housing Specifications

Building Type

Majestic Meadows is governed by a set of rules and restrictions to ensure that our community stays in compliance for each and every member of the community.

The following are the rules relating to Building Type/s within the Majestic Meadows community.

All lots shall be restricted to detached single-family residential use only. No duplexes, multiple family or group homes are allowed. A minimum of two-car, attached, enclosed garage must be constructed in connection with each residence.

No residence shall be erected, altered, or permitted to remain on any lot unless the dwelling has a minimum of eighteen hundred (1,800) square feet of indoor heated living space, exclusive of basements, open porches, garages, or storage rooms; provided, however, in the event of multi-level construction (maximum of 2 ½ stories), the ground floor must contain a minimum of one thousand four hundred (1,400) square feet.

The following rules are located in the Majestic Meadows Restrictions – Item 1; a-d.

(a) All structures must be built on solid, non-combustible foundations, except porches and docks; they may be on isolate piers. Outside finishes shall be of wood siding, stucco, stone, brick or better with no exposed common concrete block, cinder block, or imitation stone. 80% of the structures (house) exterior must be brick or stone, unless the structure is a complete and authentic log built structure with a foundation of brick or stone. All building materials shall equal or exceed FHA standards. Roofing must have a 6/12 pitch or steeper with the architectural shingles or corrugated metal roof not less than 18 gauge with factory painted finish. All shingles must be of 3 dimensional architecture design with a 25 year rating or better.

(b) One out building of a similar design and construction to that of the main house is permitted, if it consists of the same construction quality as hereinafter set forth, as said main residence. Any deteached our building must be in architectural harmony in appearance with the main home and it must be located to the side or rear of the house; it may not be larger than 600 square feet.

(c) Driveways shall be connected to subdivision roads; all driveways must be paved with concrete, asphalt, or brick.

(d) No underground or sod covered houses are allowed.