Campers, Trailers, and Motorhomes

Inoperative Vehicles / Parked Vehicles

Majestic Meadows is governed by a set of rules and restrictions to ensure that our community stays in compliance for each and every member of the community.

The following are the rules relating to Vehicles within the Majestic Meadows community.

These rules are located in the Majestic Meadows Restrictions – Item 14; a-d.

(a) No inoperative cars, trucks, trailers, boats, campers, or any other types of vehicles are allowed to remain on or next to any lot for more than 48 hours; however, this provision excludes any of these vehicles being kept in an enclosed garage.

(b) Boats, campers, and motor homes must be stored and kept out of view from the front street.

(c) On street parking is not allowed. (Signs are posted at the entrances to the community notating this as well)

(d) Recreational vehicles, farm machinery, and all other non-licensed motorized vehicles must be parked out of view from the street.